Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Meet Andrea Bilderback! Andrea will be leading a Colorado School of Yoga affiliate 200-hour Teacher Training in Fort Collins, CO beginning February 2017. Continue reading to learn more about Andrea's teaching journey!

What is your first memory of yoga being something significant and more than a stretch class?         

I took a restorative class at the YMCA in a small town in southern Missouri when I was in college and at one point I remember noticing how much my mind was jumping around in the held postures. When the teacher asked us to take a deep breath, I noticed a shift, a brief quieting of the chatter.  This was a moment of realization that the practice had something deeper to offer than just muscular benefits.  

What catalyzed you into pursuing becoming a yoga teacher?

I pursued becoming a yoga teacher because as a wellness director with the YMCA, I wanted to be able to teach a wide range of classes.  Of all the fitness classes offered, Yoga resonated with me most.  It was aligned with the holistic health practitioner path I wanted to continue pursuing.  

How has your teaching changed over time?

My goal as a teacher began as helping a person find greater physical flexibility and injury prevention and have since expanded to that of encouraging the student to have a greater quality of life through including the broader teachings of Yoga into their time on and off the mat.  

If you could tell new yoga teachers one thing what would it be?

Practice:  Don't fall into the trap of taking on teaching so many classes that your own personal time on the mat suffers.  Seek: Stay curious and continue to make space for opportunities for education and expansion.  Play: Pursue recreation and adventure, as this is the surest way to continually inspire your teachings.

Is there an old classic posture or a new variation that you’re especially loving right now? Why?

Handstand.  No quicker way to shift your perspective than flipping everything upside down and feel the earth with your hands and the air with your feet.  

Where will we find you when you’re not teaching?

One of two places:  Milling around the coffee shops and bookstores of Old Town Fort Collins or taking in the fresh mountain air via hiking, climbing or biking.  

What are you focusing on in your personal practice these days?

Meditation.  I've put it on the proverbial back burner for too long thinking that intentional movement in my asana practice was a worthy substitute.  While it is definitely important, nothing can replace the powerful tool of stillness.