Monday, September 19, 2016

An Interview with Holly Conti, CSOY Alum and Co-founder of Good Morning Guru

What is Good Morning Guru? 
Good Morning Guru is a daily blog that focuses on meditation, movement & healthy meals to encourage exploration of self awareness and strengthen a connection with your holistic Self. We post weekdays starting with a Monday Mantra and ending with recipes and mindful insights. The blog is written by Shauna Keeler, a registered dietician and Holistic Chef and I. I focus on the meditation, movement and mindful insights while Shauna shares her knowledge of food and cooking.

Where did the idea for Good Morning Guru come from? 
Good Morning Guru is all about highlighting the pathways to inner knowing. Although there are many online spaces that share health and wellness tidbits, we wanted to create a space that didn’t just give a formula for healthy living but encouraged honest and varied exploration. By sharing our own personal journeys toward self-connection it is our hope that others feel the freedom and support to do the same. 

Since you started Good Morning Guru, what have you learned about blogging and online communities?  
The more you do it the easier it gets. I dreamt about blogging for years before we began GMG but I was always too intimidated by the big bad wide world of web. Once I finally began sharing my writing I realized it wasn’t so scary as it had seemed and that friends and strangers alike were super supportive. 

How does blogging fit into your life as a yoga teacher?
I’ve found that in the yoga room my energy is very external. I am giving and sharing, projecting my voice and offering support to others. As a blogger I am still sharing but from a very internal place. When I write I am by myself I am in a quiet space nurturing my inner thoughts. I love being outgoing when I teach but I wouldn’t be able to sustain that energy without also turning inward to explore my voice on my own. 

What is one of your favorite morning meals and why do you like it so much?
Currently I am all about the berries! I start with a handful of berries moments after I get out of bed. About a 1/2 hour later I have a soft boiled egg with g-free bread and avocado. I find that carbs suit me best in the morning and the avocado toast reminds me of my 200-hour Teacher Training with Gina, Kathryn and Caitlin!  

Would you share one of your recipes with us here?
For sure! I let Shauna choose one because they are her recipes, after all. One is a main and one is a yummy desert - enjoy!

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